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O Connell's will continue to open daily for shopping in-store, Call & Collect or Order Via Our Mobile App. Pull up outside the shop and we will deliver to your boot, CONTACT FREE

O' Connells Butchers Limerick

101 years serving the best meat to the good people of Limerick.

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O Connells Butchers

O'Connell's is a family owned & operated meat business located in the heart of Limerick City. The shops are renowned throughout the Mid West region, providing the highest quality beef & pork products to the people of Limerick and beyond.

O’Connell’s has won regional & national qnd international champion awards for Limerick Ham and Barbequed products as judged by the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland and The Irish Food Writers Guild of Ireland, respectively.

O’Connell’s is also a current holder of the Bridgestone “Best In Ireland” Award.

The award is your guarantee that O’Connell’s are providing the very best service possible.

O’Connell’s most recent nationwide award was adjudged by RTE Home Chef Neven Maguire at the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland Barbeque Competition.

Order Online Now!!

At O Connells, we pride ourselves in looking after our customers, we are the first butchers in Limerick to build our own mobile app so our customers can order online from anywhere.

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B  A  R  B  E  C  U  E    E  X  P  R  E  S  S

Take Your BBQing To The Next Level

Ireland is having a love affair with outdoor cooking. Pellet grills, gas grills, hybrid fuel grills, kamado cookers, every kind of device for cooking outside keeps getting better, But while there are lots of reviews of hardware, and equipment is better and easier to use than ever, plus tons of press devoted to the science of cooking and techniques, surprisingly little consideration is given to the most important part of the process, the ingredients.

At O Connells, all our barbecue meats are marinated!
Marinades can make a big difference in the taste and texture of meat,  but it will also help you achieve juicier tender meat.

O Connells
Limerick's Award Winning Craft Butchers

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Success And Busy Loyal Custom

Why We Are The Best....

Every day on the premises we cook our own ham, roast beef, and turkey. Then we carve the meats off the bone, fresh to the customer. And That's Daily. Our meats and poultry are sourced locally, the ham is our own.
Whether it is Lamb, Stuffed turkey, or simply the best steak mince in town

O Connells Craft Butchers Can Advise And Provide

O Connells' Butchers Limerick

If You Have Any Special Request Or Would Like To Talk To Us About A Special Occassion
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